Saturday, November 18, 2006

Going Out of Business

The Clovertown Books eBay store has closed. The books on are being sold at auction on eBay in bundles. Search on "lesbian romance" or mystery or whatever your favorite genre is to find some great bargains.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Including NEW books by Radclyffe

3 NEW Recent Release Lesbian Mystery Books Book Lot

5 Fiction ~ Short Story Books - Book Lot 72909

5 Romance Books - Book Lot #72908

5 Romance Books For One Bid - Book Lot 07

5 Romance & Poetry Books - Book Lot

5 Mystery Books for One Bid - Book Lot #72905

5 Mystery Books For One Bid Book Lot #72904

5 Romance Books - McNab, Nonas, Miller, Kringle

5 Romance Books For One Bid - Book Lot

8 Mystery Books by Claire McNab Book Lot

3 NEW Romance Books Book Lot by Radclyffe

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Recent Releases Up For Auction

Lots of new and recent releases are now up for auction on eBay. The bundles include Romance, Mystery, Erotica, and Science Fiction from Bywater, Bella, Bold Strokes Books, Intaglio, and Yellow Rose. There are books by Radclyffe, Ronica Black, TJ Vertigo, and many other popular writers.

Take a look - there are many great books here. Some are very difficult to find used!

2 Lesbian Romance Book Books Bold Strokes - Radclyffe & Ronica Black

2 Recent Release Lesbian Mystery Book Books #62415

3 Lesbian Romance Book Books for One Bid #62413

3 Lesbian Romance Books Book 2006 Intaglio Releases

4 Lesbian Romance Fiction Books Book For One Bid #62408

3 Lesbian Romance Books Book For One Bid

5 Lesbian Fiction Book Books Titles by Rule & Schulman

3 Lesbian Mystery Books Book Sims, McKay & Weathers

3 Lesbian Romance Books Book From Bella

3 Lesbian Mystery Books Book Recent Release Titles

3 Lesbian Science Fiction Romance Books Book Sci-Fi

4 New Release Lesbian Romance Books Book Lot #62401

3 Lesbian Mystery Books Book For One Bid #62411

3 Lesbian Action Romance Books by Jessica Casavant

3 Lesbian Mystery Books Book For One Bid lot #62409

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Many New Books At The CloverTown Ebay Store

CloverTown Books has been adding dozens of new books to its eBay store every week. Here is just a small sample of some of our latest titles. Please visit the store for a complete listing.


Anna's Country ~ Early Naiad Romance By Elizabeth Lang
To Be Continued Take Two Mystery Short Stories
Closed In Silence ~ Mystery By Joan Drury
Lodestar ~ Romance Action Adventure Phyllis Horn
Still Explosion ~ Mystery Book By Mary Logue
Ghost Motel ~ Mystery By Jackie Manthorne
News ~ Suspense Mystery Fiction Heather Conrad
The Social Construction Of ism Celia Kitzinger
Every Time We Say Goodbye ~ Mystery Jaye Maiman
The Kali Connection ~ Mystery By Claudia Mckay
The Magister ~ Sci-Fi By Sally Miller Gerhart
Trees Call For What They Need ~ Fiction Book
As You Desire ~ Romance Fiction By Madeline Moore
We Walk The Back Of The Tiger ~ Fiction Naiad
Fearful Symmetry ~ Mystery By Tash Fairbanks
Claiming Breath ~ Poetry & More From Diane Glancy
The Monarchs Are Flying Mystery Marion Foster
For Keeps ~ Romance By Elisabeth Nonas
Last September ~ Romance By Helen R. Hull
Running Fiercely Toward A High Thin Sound J. Katz
To Love Again ~ Romance By Evelyn Kennedy
The Sure Thing ~ Romance By Melissa Hartman
Night Lights ~ Romance Bonnie Shrewsbury Arthur
Raging Mother Mountain By Pat Emmerson
Tangled And Dark ~ Mystery Patty G Henderson
Set Up ~ Mystery Book By Claire McNab
Chain Letter ~ Mystery By Claire McNab
A Dream Across Time ~ Romance Adventure Mystery Book
The Last Time I Saw You Fiction Rebecca Brown
Murder By Mascot ~ Mystery By Mary Vermilliion
Love Block ~ Fiction Humor Romance Book


Curve ~ Romance Book By Carrie Brennan
Shaken ~ Romance Book By Kg Macgregor
Love's Tender Warriors ~ Romance By Radclyffe

Thursday, March 09, 2006

New At CloverTown's Ebay Store

Blood Guilt ~ New Mystery by Lindy Cameron Book
Back Talk ~ Romance by Saxon Bennett
The Perfect Valentine ~ Romance & Passion from Bella Book
The Exile & The Sorcerer ~ Sci-Fi Jane Fletcher
Chance Lesbian Romance ~ by Grace Lennox Jennifer Fulton


Picture Perfect ~ New Romance Jane Vollbrecht
Black By Gaslight ~ Romance Mystey Nene Adams
Hard to Find Alison Kane

Give My Secrets Back: An Alison Kaine Mystery
By Kate Allen
$4.99 plus S/H

Lesbian cop Alison Kaine and her friend Michelle find the body of Katie Copper, popular lesbian author of the Blaze Bad Girl series. The police rule it an accidental death, and Michelle, with Alison's reluctant help, is left to pack up the dead woman's belongings. But where are the missing computer files containing the chapters of Katie's newest book? And where are the missing beneficiaries -- her sister and niece? Perhaps this case is not as simple as it seems.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

On The Move

CloverTown Books is changing to a new web host this weekend.

We hope the transition will be smooth, but if there are outages, please keep trying. If you find broken links - please let us know (cindy at clovertown dot com).

Once we are settled into our new home, we hope to offer lots of new and better features.

If the url isn't resolving correctly this weekend, please try the numerical address instead:

or please visit our eBay store. Everything available at CloverTown is also available in the eBay store.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Back In Stock:

HUNTER'S PURSUIT ~ Romance Action Adventure
COURTED ~ Romance By Celia Cohen
INNOCENT HEARTS ~ Western Romance Radclyffe
JUSTICE SERVED Brand New Romance Action By Radclyffe
SHAKEN ~ Romance Book by KG MacGregor
THE LAST TRAIN HOME ~ Romance by Blayne Cooper
THE PRICE OF FAME ~ Romance Adventure Lynn Ames
WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE Mystery Therese Szumansk
CAR POOL ~ Classic Romance By Karin Kallmaker
SAFE HARBOR ~ Romance Book by Radclyffe
HONOR BOUND ~ Action Romance by Radclyffe
ABOVE ALL, HONOR - Romance Action By Radclyffe
JUSTICE IN THE SHADOWS Action Romance Radclyffe
BEYOND THE BREAKWATER ~ Romance by Radclyffe
INTO THE DARK ~ Romance by Sharon Smith
SEX VARIANT WOMEN IN LITERATURE History Culture by Janette Foster
DREAMCATCHER ~ Romance Fiction By Lori Byrd
Now Avaiable from CloverTown Books:

SWEET CREEK ~ New Fiction from Lee Lynch
THE BLUEST EYES IN TEXAS ~ Romance Linda Crist
WARLORD METAL ~ by D. Jordan Redhawk
THE TAKING OF EDEN ~ Mystery by Robin Alexander
THE TIDES OF PASSION Romance Diana Braund
TIOPA KI LAKOTA Western Romance D. Jordan Redhawk
REUNION ~ Romance Book by Jane Frances
FAITHFUL TO MY HEART Romance by Linda Wagner
THE CHOSEN Science Fiction Romance Verda Foster